Friday, October 4, 2013

How to Locate A Junk Car Buyer

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The day finally reared its ugly face, it was time to junk my car. My car was my pride and joy for so many years, up until it gave up on me and became what it was: a junk car. Since I couldn’t save it anymore, I did the smart thing to. I called a junk car removal service.
 I figured if I couldn’t get my car back in working order, I would at least be able to sell my junk car, the working parts and the rest of it as scrap metal, so it can still be of some use to someone else. They do say somebody's trash is another mans treasure. Plus, I can get some cash for my junk car and add it to the payment for my new car.
Getting cash for junk cars is a wonderful way to wave goodbye to an old car/friend. Junk cars aren’t all trash despite it being called “junk”. What you can’t use is sure to come in handy for someone else.
 Junking a car is quite easy when dealing with the right junkyard. In my case, I only had a hard time to junk my car due to sentimental reasons. But that’s an entirely different story.
Junk Cars Orange County Is the best choice

Should I repair my old car? or just sell it?

Your car is getting more expensive to fix  according to the 2013 "CarMD" Vehicle Health Index. The study found that for the first time in six years  the average repair cost has risen 10 percent to $367.84 from 1996 to 2012 modeled year vehicles. Replacement part prices went up six percent in 2012, while the cost of labor went up to 17 percent. "CarMD" states that the Northeast region has seen the largest increase with these cost repairs rising by 11.56 percent last year.

The costs associated with maintaining a vehicle had the single largest percentage increase from 2012 to 2013, Growing by 11.26 percent to 4.97 cents per mile on average for sedan owners. AAA bases its estimates upon the cost to maintain a vehicle and perform needed repairs for five years and also 75,000 miles which will include labor expenses, replacement part prices and the purchase of your extended warranty policy.  This all is what is driving the increase in maintenance costs.
Among the many reasons for the increase in price for maintenance is that our cars are getting older. The average car on America's roads is now over 10 years old. Last year's record heat may also have been a factor, according to CarMD. Heat places a strain on cooling systems, batteries, fluids and transmissions.
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